Tivify launches its new Maghreb TV+ package in parnership with THEMA

Tivify continues to improve and expand its offer with the launch of Maghreb TV+, the first offer of Moroccan TV channels produced by THEMA. This new package includes a selection of the main nine Moroccan channels. It is now available for 3.99 euro a month or 39.90 euro a year, and it can be purchased through all service plans. After the success of “le Bouquet Maghreb” in France, THEMA now joins Tivify to replicate this model in Spain.

With Maghreb TV+, the Moroccan community will be able to access the TV offer of their country from any device.  Including the channels with the highest ratings in Morocco. This is the case of 2M Monde, where successful programs like Rachid Show, Bghit Hyatak and Alila Sahratna can be enjoyed, and Al Aoula, that features programs like Joudia, Jrit w Jarit or Jmaatna Zina.

The package also includes the news channels Medi 1 TV and M24, that features all the current events that are happening in Morocco and in the World; Assadissa, that has religious conversations and academic debates; Chada TV, which has the best Moroccan music and interviews to the most popular celebrities;  Tamazight, that explores the world of amazigh  culture and its traditions; Al-Thaqafia, which makes education accessible to everybody with lessons on art, history or science; and Al-Maghribia, a channel with programming that focuses on the Moroccan people who lives abroad.

In addition, Maghreb TV+ subscribers will be able to enjoy the advanced features the platform offers, like scheduling recordings, recovering content that has already been aired, restarting programs, or having access to a guide that features the best content on the most popular streaming platforms and TV channels.

“In Tivify, we know our mission is to bring relevant content to the different communities that lives in Spain. By adding the Maghreb TV+ package, we are answering to the Maghrebi community, we are bringing a high-quality service closer to them, and we are offering the option to access to the content with the most complete user experience. THEMA, with its knowledge, experience, and leadership in the French market, has been the perfect partner for this project”, said Rubèn Miró, TV Product Director of TVUP Streaming Media.

“Maghreb TV+ is an offer designed to answer the Arabic community’s expectations in Spain. This TV segment in Spain was not addressed, whereas the Arabic community established in Spain reaches more than 2,5M people. We are delighted of this partnership with Tivify which is the right partner to launch the first Arabic TV offer on the Spanish market”, said Timothée Vidal, SVP Multicultural Distribution and Digital at THEMA. 

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