Tivify Launches New Premium Plan, Adding AMC SELEKT

Tivify has just launched its new Premium plan, the most ambitious offering from the platform developed by TVUP Media to date. The streaming service is thus expanding its offering to 22 premium channels, including AMC SELEKT. The new Premium plan costs €9.99 per month, also includes three LaLiga TV Hypermotion channels with all second division matches, for free until the end of the season. In addition, Tivify is offering a 2×1 promotion and will add one month for free to all new subscribers.

Among all the new features presented by the platform, the incorporation of the fourteen AMC SELEKT channels stands out with its catalog of on-demand content. It includes AMC, Canal Hollywood, Sundance TV, DARK, XTRM, and Somos, specialized in movies and series; Canal HISTORIA, Odisea, AMC BREAK, and AMC CRIME, focused on documentaries and reality TV; and Canal Decasa, Canal Cocina, Enfamilia, and ¡BUENVIAJE!, focused on lifestyle. AMC SELEKT can also be purchased independently from any other plan for €3.99 per month.

Tivify Premium maintains its current movie and series offering with AXN, AXN Movies, Warner TV, TCM, Calle 13, and SYFY. The plan is completed by Mezzo and CNN International. Users can also access a selection of over 170 additional channels, including the main free-to-air channels and dozens of thematic channels.

It is worth noting that subscribers to Tivify Premium also have access to all the advanced features, such as access to content broadcasted in the last 7 days, programming of up to 350 hours of cloud recordings, content restart, and the ability to link on up to 5 devices per account with two simultaneous playbacks. Tivify can be enjoyed on all screens: Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV), mobile phones and tablets (Android and iOS), and PC and MAC computers.

New Services and Features

The launch of the new Premium coincides with the incorporation of relevant new features in the service, available in the Montblanc version of the app. Among the most notable is the inclusion of the new More Content section, a new space where users will be able to access all the available extra content to add to their plan. Regardless of their current plan, users will be able to subscribe to new packages of channels or on-demand video catalogs (both free and paid ones). There is a new My Space section where users can easily find the content they are subscribed to or is relevant to them.

In addition to AMC SELEKT Tivify now offers the new Mezzo, OUTtv, and El Gourmet, Historia y Actualidad, Planet Horror, One Toro, Portugal TV+, Maghreb TV+, and NHK World Premium content packages.

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