Tivify launches Tivify Corners, its new AVOD catalogues

After three years of continuous growth in the streaming market, Tivify maintains its strategy of adapting the service to the audience’s consumption patterns and has launched Tivify Corners, which are available in all plans. This way, the platform reinforces its commitment to offer its user base thousands of content of all types at no cost and is supported by advertising.

Among the first contents available in this format at Tivify are hundreds of films from the catalogue of A Contracorriente and the Film&Co channel, chapters and special episodes of Pocoyó, documentaries from Experto Animal and Sin Filtros, oreducational content from Inglés Total. This offer of thematic corners will also be extended in the coming weeks with hundreds of Runtime’s films and series.  

As a result, Tivify consolidates its commitment to offer free content to its users in all modes, either through FAST channels (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) or AVOD content (Advertising-based Video On Demand). The streaming service already includes 45 FAST channels on its dial. A significant amount of this offering is produced with its technology at The Channel Store (TCS), which allows current channels, content producers and distributors to publish their content for free and monetise it through the TCS advertising network.

The infrastructure developed by TCS, paired with the features of Tivify, also enables any channel that is broadcasting through DVB-T to simply migrate its signal and content to the world of streaming. With this, it provides a new broadcast window and new business channels: advertising in the BVOD (Broadcaster Video On Demand)  when the user recovers programs already broadcast, the inclusion of dynamic advertising during breaks, the use of new advertising formats, or the possibility of creating their corners.

Restructuration of the offer

Back-to-back with the launch of its new AVOD catalogues, Tivify has also reorganised the content offer of its plans. Tivify Free includes more than 160 channels, with a selection of DVB-T, thematic, regional, international, and local channels.

Tivify Plus adds to that offer the channels Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Atreseries, Mega, Telecinco, Cuatro, Energy, FDF, Divinity, BeMad and Boing, as well as all the advanced functionalities: start over, recordings, access to last week’s programs of the main channels, the customisation of the dial or the possibility of linking their account to more devices.

As part of the reorganisation of their offer, the streaming service has improved the offer of Tivify Plus, which will be in promotion until the end of the month for 0.99 euros per month (a single annual payment of 11.88 euros). The usual price of Tivify Plus, the basic package of Tivify, will be 1.99 euros per month (single payment of 23.88 euros), and that of Tivify Premium, 5.99 euros with annual hiring (71.88 euros) or 7.99 euros with monthly hiring.

The Premium plan, on the other hand, offers content on more than 190 channels. Tivify’s most advanced plan’s dial includes the premium channels AXN, AXN Movies, WarnerTV, TCM, Calle 13, SYFY, CNN, Mezzo, Mezzo Live, Private and Hustler, and improvements such as the availability of more space for recordings and the ability to view content on two devices at the same time.

Tivify also remains committed to continuously improving the content offered. The upcoming months will incorporate new free thematic channels exclusive to the platform and add more thematic packages after the successful launch of Mundotoro TV last April.

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