Tivify Adds El País to its free TV service

Tivify keeps growing its free content offering adding El País to all plans. Starting now, users of the service have a new choice to be up to date with the news, being able to access the contents from the leading newspaper in Spanish, through its live channel or its Video on Demand catalogue.

The arrival of El País to Tivify also multiplies the options of information and entertainment through free channels created using The Channel Store (TCS), TVUP Media’s own technology that allows any content creator or editor to produce FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) channels and deliver the content to different streaming platforms.

El País offers content 24 hours a day, ranging from information, special features, interviews, in depth analysis or entertainment formats. With more than 200 journalists and a great presence in Europe and America, they are capable of telling the best stories in video. This new channel discusses different subjects: politics, society, culture, sports, gastronomy, economy, science, health and technology, among others.

Therefore, Tivify enlarges its free content offering, that now includes more than 150 channels available in almost every device. Users can also enjoy advance functionality, as well a recommendation engine that shows most prominent content both form regular TV and entertainment platforms.

It should be noted that on top of its free plan, Tivify offers the Plus and Premium plans. Tivify Plus (1,99€/month) adds seven channels and expanded functionality. Tivify Premium adds 11 premium channels, 7 days catch-up of all content broadcasted by the main channels, 350 hours of personal recordings and the ability to play the content in two devices at the same time. This advanced plan can be purchased for 5,99€ a month (annual payment) or 7,99€ a month (monthly payment).

The platform has an app for every screen: TV (Samsung, LG, Andorid TV, Amazon Fire TV), mobile and tablets (Android, iOS, Huawei), and web browser. Tivify is available in Spain. Tivify Plus and Tivify Premium users can also enjoy the service while traveling anywhere in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom.

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