TVUP Media signs with Sony Pictures TV Networks and WarnerMedia and launches its new Premium plan for 7.99 euros per month

TVUP Media takes another step in the consolidation of its streaming platform launching Tivify Premium, the new Tivify plan that includes eleven premium channels at a price of 7.99 euros per month. Its arrival coincides with an update of the Tivify Plus plan, changing its current price from 4.99 euros to 3.99 euros per month.

Users who subscribe to Tivify Premium will be able to enjoy, in addition to everything included in the Plus plan, the channels AXN, AXN White, TNT, TCM, Mezzo, Mezzo Live, CNN, Surf Channel, Motorvision and also a selection of two channels for adult audiences, placing the offer in more than 100 television channels. The plan also includes improvements to the functionalities: the space for personal recordings in the cloud grows up to 350 hours and its availability, up to 90 days. Tivify Premium subscribers, on the other hand, have access to the catalog of the last 7 days of more channels and have a wider range of HD content. 

The addition of AXN and AXN White will make available to subscribers premiere episodes of such popular series as The Good Doctor, NCIS or Candice Renoir, as well as a wide selection of films. On the other hand, in Tivify Premium you can also enjoy the most outstanding contents of the TNT channel, such as FBI or The Rookie, and a selection of the best movies of all time available on TCM.  

Until October 31, all users who subscribe to Tivify Premium will have a special 2×1 promotion. By registering in the new plan, they will be able to enjoy the second month completely free of charge (the next payment will be made in the third monthly payment). 

With the arrival of new channels to the platform, Tivify expands its content offering and provides to its  users more subscription options and keeps the Free plan, which includes the main channels of the Spanish DTT live for free, and the Plus plan, which adds to that offer more functionalities, such as access to the last 7 days of many more channels, more space for recordings and the availability of more signals in HD,  as is the case with Neox, Nova and Mega.  

Tivify, on the other hand, keeps its commitment to expand its content offering. The streaming platform will continue to integrate new signals in the coming months, and will make available to subscribers new local channels and exclusive thematic channels. One of them is Inglés Total, an online language learning service that has three channels for different levels and is already available to all users of the service for free. 

All entertainment in one place

 Tivify is not limited to offering TV channels. The service is a content superaggregator, a platform of platforms that has a guide in which, in addition to TV channels, recommendations of the contents of the most popular streaming applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ or YouTube are offered.  

To order the enormous offer that the user has at their fingertips, Tivify has an editorial team that analyzes channels, programs and content from other applications, and organizes everything within the platform through iGuideTV. This guide is helped by a recommendation system based on Artificial Intelligence that learns from users, which ensures that the viewer always finds content of interest.  

Tivify has an application for all screens: television (Android TV, Samsung, LG and Fire TV), mobiles and tablets (iOS, Android and Huawei) and computer (Google Chrome). Users can also watch the contents on their TV through Chromecast technology. The service is available in Spain and users receive the offer of regional and local channels depending on their place of residence. They can also enjoy the platform when traveling to any country in the European Union and the United Kingdom.  

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