TVUP Media signs with NBC Universal and adds Calle 13 and SYFY to Tivify Premium

TVUP Media continues to expand the content offering of its streaming platform Tivify. It has just signed the incorporation of Calle 13 and SYFY, which will be available on the platform from December 1st. Their arrival reinforces the service’s commitment to continue improving its entertainment offering by adding the two NBC Universal channels to its Premium plan without affecting the price, remaining at €7.99 per month.

The price of Tivify Premium is also being promoted until November 30th, coinciding with Black Friday week, as the platform has launched an offer: by paying the three-month fee (€23.95), the subscriber will have half a year of Premium service. Hence, the monthly price comes to €3.99 per month.

With this double addition, Tivify Premium now offers thirteen channels. Calle 13 and SYFY join AXN, AXN White, TNT, TCM, Mezzo, Mezzo Live, Surf Channel, Motorvision, CNN and a selection of two channels for adult audiences. This plan also includes an expansion of the platform’s functionalities, such as more space for recordings, access to the catalogue of the last 7 days of more channels and a wider range of HD content.

With the addition of Calle 13 and SYFY, Tivify improves its fiction offer by adding two series and film channels, specialising in thrillers and science fiction. Thus, subscribers to the service will be able to access premiere episodes of series such as Law & Order: Organised Crime, The Equalizer or Chicago P.D., available on Calle 13, while on SYFY, they can enjoy series such as Evil, The Magicians or The Outpost, as well as a wide selection of science fiction films.

It is worth remembering that Tivify maintains the Free plan, with a free offer of more than 80 channels that includes Spanish DTT on all screens, and the Plus plan (3.99 euros per month), which adds more functionalities to this proposal. Tivify has an application for all screens (television, mobiles, tablets and WebPlayer), and users receive the offer of regional and local channels depending on their place of residence.

Tivify Plus and Tivify Premium subscribers can also enjoy the content when travelling to any EU country and the UK.

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